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Establishing a commercial lease is frequently a long and complex procedure that requires expert legal advice to prevent unforeseen problems that can ruin your business. Such an expert will ensure that exposure from your commitments and duties under the lease is significantly reduced. A Lenhoff and Hotz business property legal advisor will work with landowners or tenants to give your business the legal guidance and property management advice it needs to establish a lease that will minimise your exposure to the many issues inherent in property leasing arrangements.

Business Landlord

Landlords need to contractually secure their Commercial Property so as to ensure that, during the term of a lease, the tenant is obliged to maintain the property to a level agreed with the Landlord and that the landlord is able to oversee the property to in such a way that the tenant adheres to those arrangements.

Landowners should also be certain that the rental and administration charges agreed to in the lease will be paid and your Lenhoff and Hotz commercial lease legal advisor will provide the necessary guidance that this is done.

Business Tenant

Prospective property tenants are often focusing more on the business opportunity that the premises present, than on the commercial leases Perth that they are entering into to secure the new premises. This can often lead to mistakes that can have a negative impact on your business. A Lenhoff and Hotz commercial lease Perth legal advisor can help prevent many of the problems that can arise.