A Perth law firm with offices in the Perth CBD and the suburb of Malaga, we have more than 40 years experience in Commercial & Civil Litigation, Debt Recovery, Trade Practice and Australian Consumer Law matters, Trusts and Estate Litigation, Building and Construction Disputes, Partnership Disputes, General Dispute Resolution and other legal services of a commercial nature. We offer personalised, cost efficient and effective legal services to corporations, large and small businesses, other commercial enterprises and individuals.

Here at Lenhoff & Associates, we are acutely aware of the costs and risks associated with litigation, particularly in the Superior Courts. Consequently, we use our best endeavours to achieve an outcome in matters managed by us well before the trial stage which is the most expensive part of the litigation process. Historically, a large majority of matters managed by us (more than 90%) have been resolved at an early stage of the proceedings to our clients’ satisfaction. To that end, we have recourse to various methods of dispute resolution such as informal settlement negotiations with opposing parties and their legal representatives at an early stage in the proceedings, mediations and pre-trial conferences convened before court appointed Registrars.

Additionally, our clients are provided with regular reports and updates in order to enable them to make informed decisions concerning the progress of their matters and to instruct us accordingly.

In short, it is our mission carefully to guide our clients through the litigation process to try and achieve the best results for them at an early stage of the proceedings. Taking a matter to trial is a last resort.


We welcome agency work from Law Firms in the Eastern States and overseas.


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Over 30 years litigation experience in the fields of Commercial Litigation, Debt Recovery, and Dispute Resolution, appearing in The Supreme Court of WA, District Court of WA and Central Law Courts Perth