Commercial Litigation Malaga

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Commercial Litigation Malaga

Commercial Litigation Malaga: Commercial Litigation is the process or act of bringing or contesting a legal activity in a court of law of the

commercial litigation malaga
commercial litigation malaga

competent jurisdiction. The procedure followed in this approach is laid down in the Rules of Court that are intended to try to achieve a settlement of disputes within the court system. Even though most civil proceedings are started to pursue claims in tort or contract, litigation may arise from a number of other distinct causes.

Civil proceedings in Western Australia could be initiated at one of the State Courts, especially the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, the District Court of Western Australia or the Supreme Courts of Western Australia, depending upon the amount of the claim.
Civil proceeding between commercial claims is initiated in the District and Supreme Courts by the issue and support by the plaintiff on the defendant of a Writ of Summons. From the Magistrates Court, civil proceedings have been initiated by the issue and service on the defendant of what’s called a General Procedure Claim.

In the lack of an ancient settlement of the matter, various pleadings will be submitted on behalf of the parties who are also required to make discovery on oath of all documents which could be relevant to this subject in their ownership or control.

Due to the cost of keeping proceedings, especially in the Superior Courts, it is very important to lawyers, in representing their clients, to attempt to achieve a settlement of the situation whenever possible. This avoids the expense and stress of a trial.

Commercial Litigation Malaga: Lenhoff & Associates has significant experience in managing and resolving many distinct kinds of industrial disputes which may arise between individuals and/or small and medium-sized corporations.

Three decades litigation experience primarily in the fields of Commercial Litigation, Debt Recovery, and Dispute Resolution.

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