David Lenhoff is an experienced Barrister and Solicitor, primarily in the fields of Commercial and Civil Litigation Perth, Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution.

Mathew Hotz is an experienced property and commercial lawyer.

Together David Lenhoff and Mathew Hotz have more than 50 years of experience as Barristers and Solicitors.

Civil Litigation Perth

David Lenhoff is a graduate of the Universities of Western Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.

David has acquired extensive experience in the fields of Consumer Law, Corporations Law, Insurance Law, Equity, Testamentary matters, Civil Litigation Perth and general Debt Recovery. Over the years David has represented hundreds of clients in matters litigated in the Superior Courts both here in Western Australia and South Africa.

Additionally, David has always believed in restoring to the legal profession some of the benefits he has derived from it. To that end, David served for several years as a member of the General Litigation Committee of the Law Society of Western Australia. He currently provides pro bono services on a regular basis to the Sussex Street Neighbourhood Law Service Inc. and serves in an honorary capacity to a variety of charitable and other organisations.

Mathew Hotz B.Proc., Post Grad. Dip.Tax Law is a graduate of the University of Cape Town in South Africa and was admitted to practice in Western Australia in 1998. He has more than three decades of experience practicing as a commercial and property lawyer.

He has extensive experience in the fields of Wills, Testamentary and other Trusts, Estate Planning, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Contracts, Probate Applications, and Deceased Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney, Inheritance Claims, Conveyancing, Property and Business Settlements, Sale and Purchase of a Business, Partnership and Shareholder Agreements, Guarantees and related Advice and Solicitor’s Certificates, Binding Financial Agreements, Consumer Law, Restraint of Trade.

He has also been a successful coach on three occasions in the high school Mock Trial competition, as a runner up twice, and once as winning coach.

Civil Litigation Perth

LENHOFF & HOTZ is a Perth law firm with offices in the suburb of Malaga, some 10km from Town Center, we have over 40 years experience in Commercial & Civil Litigation Perth, Debt Recovery, Trade Practice and Australian Consumer Law matters, Trusts and Estate Litigation, Building and Construction Disputes, Partnership Disputes, General Dispute Resolution.
We also have several years expertise in the next commercial law regions: — Settlements (Real Estate and Company ), Conveyancing, Commercial and Retail Leasing, Contracts, Wills, Testamentary Trusts, Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration, Deceased Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Guardianship, Inheritance Claims, Contracts of Employment and Restraint of Trade, Insurance, Franchising, Binding Financial Agreements, Advice on Guarantees and Solicitors Certificates.
Here at Lenhoff & Hotz, we’re acutely conscious of the costs and dangers connected with litigation Perth, especially in the Superior Courts. Consequently, we use our best endeavours to reach a result in things handled by us before the trial period that’s the costliest area of the lawsuit procedure. Historically, a huge majority of things managed by us (over 90 percent ) have been solved at an early stage of the event to our customers’ satisfaction. To the end, we’ve got recourse to several procedures of dispute settlement such as periodic settlement discussions with opposing parties and their legal representatives at an early point in the proceedings, mediations, and pre-trial conferences convened before court-appointed Registrars.

Furthermore, our customers are given regular updates and reports to be able to allow them to make informed decisions regarding the progress of the issues and also to educate us accordingly.

Simply speaking, it’s our assignment carefully to guide our customers throughout the litigation process to attempt to get the best results to them in an early stage of the proceedings. Taking a thing to trial is a final resort.

As commercial attorneys, we try to offer concise and clear ideas and sensible and cost-effective solutions. We can help in a variety of facets of commercial legislation seeking to maintain and advance the best interests of their customers. We promise personal caring service combined with all reasonable rates to ensure our customers achieve the best possible results.

We provide personalised, cost-effective and effective legal solutions to companies, big and tiny companies, other industrial enterprises, and people.
We advised bureau operate from Law Firms from the Eastern States and abroad.